Having reflected over the past few days at PEAK, an Apostolic Youth Conference sponsored by the WPF. This is what I’m taking home:
Regardless of your musical preferences (and I have my own); regardless of your church’s culture of worship (and each church has its on culture in regards to worship); regardless of whether you are from an urban or rural church; what I saw was a generation of young people who are HUNGRY and PASSIONATE about our Apostolic Heritage! I watched young people shout, run the aisles, and fill the altars during worship! But it didn’t stop there. As each Preacher preached under the anointing of the Holy Ghost and preached the Word with passion and conviction, these same young people shouted, ran the aisles, and filled the altars with passionate prayers of hunger, faith, expectation, and desperation.
My point is this, as a middle-aged Pastor (which means I am an old man to some) with 3 children, I am grateful to see young people who STILL RESPOND! I’ve seen young people who either would not respond, or who did not know how to respond (which is a problem in itself because it lets me know that someone is not teaching them). Young people who are silent in the pews and do not respond in worship or respond to preaching make me very nervous. There is a danger in Pentecost of allowing the next generation to simply sit on the pew and remain silent. We’ve read articles and heard about the “supposed” lack of passion and desire of the Millenial Generation. Here’s my problem with that, why do the kids get blamed for their behavior when it’s the parents and ministry who’ve allowed them to behave the way they do? IF you are a Pastor/Youth Pastor you owe it to the next generation to TEACH and SHOW them HOW to RESPOND! IF you are a parent you owe it to your children to TEACH and SHOW them HOW to RESPOND!
So, to the thousands of young people I saw RESPOND in worship and RESPOND to preaching these past few days, THANK YOU! To the Pastors, Youth Pastors, and parents who have invested the time and energy in teaching/showing your young people how to RESPOND, THANK YOU! It is so refreshing to see Pentecostals ACTING PENTECOSTAL! I felt right at home these past couple of days because my church RESPONDS the same way!