Recently while studying for my Sunday Sunday School Lesson I felt like encouraging Sunday School Teachers about how important your job really is to your local church and its future.

Let’s face it, knowledge isn’t alway “fun,” but it is NECESSARY so we are not destroyed by lies and deception. It is essential that teachers heed the warning of (Ephesians 4:14) and TEACH their classes sound doctrine and Biblical principles so they are not “tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine.” Hosea said in (Hosea 4:6) that the people of God would be destroyed “for lack of knowledge.” Sunday School is a necessary ministry that ensures the future of the local Church will NOT be destroyed for not knowing things we should have known.

The responsibility of the Teacher is heavy….even eternal in nature and one that must be taken as serious as the content in which they’re called to teach. What is being taught in our Sunday School rooms will be practiced on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. We practice what we believe (have been taught and understand via submission and the help of the Holy Ghost). But one cannot practice what one has not been taught!

If we do not TEACH the Word, the future of our local churches will not be built on the Word. This is a major issue that I see as a Pastor who has welcomed good people into my local church only to realize that they haven’t been TAUGHT very much. The weak and anemic sheep that are roaming around today lost are partly the result of Shepherds and Sunday School Teachers who FAILED to fulfill their obligation to TEACH THE WORD!

Sunday School NEEDS to be FUN and EXCITING but not at the expense of shortened lessons and watered-down Truth! Yes, some lesson curriculum will be more fun to teach than others, but the whole Bible is necessary and must be learned, not just the few topics that we like and enjoy teaching. Perhaps, the Teachers would even learn something too if they dug out the material that they didn’t understand…imagine that!

So, far all of you Sunday School Teachers out there who passionately prepare each week through prayer and study (digging out nuggets of Truth to share), THANK YOU! YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE in your local church that will benefit for years to come. For those who tend to cut corners and throw stuff together at the last minute, please re-read this blog and commit to passionately fulfilling your purpose as a Teacher and get serious about your Sunday School Class. Don’t let your local church be destroyed for a lack of knowledge. TEACH TEACHER!