We are EXCITED to introduce GROWTH GROUPS at The Sanctuary of Pentecost.

So, what are GROWTH GROUPS? I’m glad you asked…

GROWTH GROUPS are the evolution of what Sunday School has always been. GROWTH GROUPS are Small Groups for all ages that will meet between 11:00AM-11:45AM each Sunday. GROWTH GROUPS are intended to help you GROW as a Christian regardless of what level you are at.

Learning what the Bible has to say is of utmost importance for a Christian, and it is absolutely essential that one continues to GROW in their relationship with Jesus after conversion. And that is why we have introduced GROWTH GROUPS for each age group starting August 4th at The Sanctuary of Pentecost.  As Pastor Clack always says…”It’s not just enough to GET CONNECTED, you must STAY CONNECTED.” GROWTH GROUPS is one way that you STAY CONNECTED.

So, get up, get ready, and join us each Sunday, starting August 4th, for GROWTH GROUPS!