The best things in life do not come in a hurry. They take time. But in the end you will realize they are worth the investment.

Healthy Marriages take time, but they are worth the investment.

Healthy Families, whether both parents are in the home or you are a single parent raising your children to the best of your ability, takes time, but it is worth the investment.

Healthy Churches are no different! It takes time to build a healthy church environment made up of healthy church members who are DEVOTED, but the investment is worth it!

While it is natural for us to be concerned about church- hoppers and church-droppers, we must never forget that there will always be a core group of faithfully DEVOTED people at the heart of every healthy congregation, and that our lives are richer and our churches are better because of THEM!

The truth is that the uncommitted will NEVER SEE or EXPERIENCE what the DEVOTED SEE and EXPERIENCE!

Some of the people I most admire are the church members that Iʼve watched grow deeper, wiser, stronger and healthier little by little, year after year. And that was only possible because THEY STAYED CONNECTED — THEY STAYED HUNGRY — THEY BLOOMED WHERE THEY WERE PLANTED — THEY COMMITTED LONG-TERM —THEY STAY DEVOTED!

The youth of today become the elders of tomorrow, therefore it is essential to our future that each generation makes a long-term commitment to the church and become DEVOTED.

The strongest, healthiest churches are the ones that have been around a while, have learned the hard lessons over time, and have stayed faithful to Biblical Essentials.

That CANNOT happen unless multiple generations remain DEVOTED to their local church and simply “continue steadfastly” so they can reap the benefits of their devotion (Acts 2:42-47).

The typical church grows slowly and steadily. Over decades, NOT in a couple of years. It takes DECADES of DEVOTION to build a STRONG CHURCH!

If you will invest a lifetime into a healthy church, you will get to see a depth of growth that church-hoppers and church-droppers will NEVER have the chance to experience and appreciate.

The best things in life do not come in a hurry. They take time. But they are worth the investment.

A HEALTHY CHURCH CULTURE will be CREATED by those who are DEVOTED to their local church just like the First Church did in Acts 2!